A Trip to Hampi-The Journey


“It’s the journey, not the destination that counts”

So, during my training in a CA firm, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to various places for work, places where I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have visited if not for my job. One of those places was the historic place, a UNESCO World Heritage site: Hampi

We were in Siruguppa, a village in Karnataka and everyone said a visit to Hampi was a must. So we left on a Sunday in Company’s provided Bolero at around 7 am to begin our journey through the most beautiful countryside.

In the fields with these lovelies!!

The sunrise, an open land of crops everywhere, the water and people getting up and ready to start their day in the fields. I was blown over already.

We decided to go to a temple nearby which was very popular among the villagers and took a few pictures there. The best part of visiting temples on Sundays is there is absolutely no rush and you can pray in peace.

Just Us!


One of the many things I learned from this trip is that Villages in Karnataka have excellent water flow everywhere. And I love water-anything (Cancerian-Its in the sign itself)

That flow though
One of the many faces of Tungabhadra River!

And then there was this heavenly, gorgeous beauty!!! *in love*

Pictures do no justice to this place. Regret not going to the end of it 😦
Still, clear water. Boys there were actually filling their bottles with it!

I still can’t believe I have been there just a year ago. This was by far the best journey I experienced, better than the destination (which will be coming in the next post).

PS-Pictures were taken by my phone (Moto G Gen 1) hence the quality is not exactly great. When I go to this place again I will make sure to take a good camera.